Call for papers


ECOS 2021, the 34th conference, will be held in Giardini Naxos, Sicily. The purpose of the conference is for participants to present new research results and exchange views on performance, economics, and environmental impact of energy systems, their design and possible advancements. Submission of applied and fundamental science papers are encouraged. We cordially welcome you to Taormina from all over the world. We expect that you will enjoy a fruitful week through the conference and the unequalled millenarian Sicilian culture.

Date and site
  • June 27 (Sun.) – July 2 (Fri.), 2021
  • UNAHOTELS Naxos Beach Sicilia
Conference topics

Authors are requested to specify in their submission one of the Topics listed below. Please use either the exact denomination here below or the corresponding number. Topic should be specified in the paragraph immediately following the Keywords (see template)

1) Basic and applied thermodynamics
2) Biomass, biofuels
3) Bio-Thermodynamics
4)Combustion & gasification
5) Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
6) CO2 and GHG mitigation
7) Digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence
8) Distributed generation
9) District Heating/Cooling
10) Energy and the water nexus, Desalination
11) Energy policy and planning
12) Energy resources, Natural Capital and Substitutability
13) Energy resources extraction by Mining & Drilling
14) Energy storage
15) Energy use in the Industrial Sector
16) Energy use in the Residential Sector
17) Energy use in the Transportation Sector
18) Energy use in the Agricultural Sector
19) Environmental Impact of Energy Systems
20) Exergy
21) Fuel cells
22) Heat and mass transfer
23) Hydrogen use in Energy Systems
24) Micro- and nano- energy conversion
25) Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and low grade thermal energy recovery
26) Power generation and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
27) Process integration
28) Process Monitoring & Control
29) Process Simulation and Optimization
30) Refrigeration and heat pumps
31) Renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, etc.
32) Resilient Energy Systems
33) Smart grids and renewables integration
34) Sustainability & Circular economy
35) Teaching Thermodynamics
36) Thermoeconomics/Exergoeconomics
37) Very Large, Complex Energy Systems (VLCES)

Abstract and papers

The persisting emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemics has affected both the Authors’ manuscript submission dates and the reviewers’ responses. The last reviews were sent out on May 23! We have thus decided to shift the deadline for the final paper submission to June 15, 2021.

Please note that this schedule is FINAL and FIRM: the last 2 weeks before the conference will be devoted to the organization of the Sessions and the preparation of the digital Proceedings, and we can do this only if all the submissions are in.

All submission MUST be in .pdf file type and comply with the formatting specified in the Paper Template available on our site (ill-formatted papers will be sent back to the Author for reformatting). The length of each paper will be limited to a maximum of 12 pages

Final paper submission June 15, 2021

Please download the Word template clicking here.
Please download the TEX template clicking here.


All participants must register for participation and pay for registration fees based on the following table.



Before June 15, 2021

After June 16, 2021

On site


€ 400

€ 500

€ 600


€ 200

€ 250

€ 300


€ 200

€ 200

€ 200


€ 100

€ 125


Please note: A participant registering as “Student” must produce a suitable and valid Student Card from his/her home Institution

  • On-line presenters must upload their slides prior to June 21, so that the sessions may be properly scheduled. A link will be sent to all registered Authors.

  • To register as “Student”, a copy of a valid student card is required.

  • All presenters, virtual and in presence, will be allowed to attend all sessions -in real time or as recorded.

  • Accompanying persons shall not be allowed to present papers.

  • Payments will be accepted in the form of bank drafts: we are working to offer a POS for credit card payments on-site.

The registration fee for On-line participants includes:

  1. Unlimited virtual attendance to all sessions;

  2. One copy of the digital Proceedings;

  3. Certificate of attendance

The registration fee for On-site attendees includes:

  1. Unlimited access to both the online and the physical sessions (subject to COVID regulations);

  2. 2 coffee breaks on July 1st and 2nd;

  3. Lunch and dinner on July 1st and 2nd (includes the Gala Dinner of July 1);

  4. One copy of the digital Proceedings;

  5. Certificate of attendance;

  6. Badge and ECOS’21 handbag.

Payments accepted via bank draft only. On-site registration, only cash: we are working to obtain a credit card POS.


BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena,
Viale Vittorio Veneto 98
95127 Catania – Italy
IBAN : IT 64 I 01030 16900 000063633612


Please download and submit your registration form

If you have already submitted your registration, please download the registration form and sent it to COMETA following the instructions.


To facilitate the processing of your registration fees and to allow us to properly organize the sessions, please follow the information contained in the Registration Form and the instructions below:

1) You can issue a single bank draft for more than one registrant;

2) In the title of the mail, please insert the word ECOS 2021;

3) FOR EACH PAPER YOU PLAN TO PRESENT, SPECIFY THE NUMBER OF THE PAPER, THE NAME OF THE PRESENTER AND A PREFERRED TIME FOR PRESENTATION. Although we cannot guarantee it, we shall try to comply with the Authors’preferences;

4) Please remember that after your registration has been duly processed, all “on-line” presenters will be asked to send to the Conference Secretariat one copy of their presentation slides. This is to ensure that there will be no delays due to failures to screen sharing or similar problems that may occur in open conferences.


Journal Publication

After the conference, papers will be selected and recommended for possible publication in special issues of highly reputed scientific journals. Note that selected papers will be reviewed again based on journal regulations. Examples of the journals in the past conferences are:

  • Applied Energy
  • Energies
  • Energy
  • Energy Conversion and Management
  • International Journal of Thermodynamics
  • Journal of Energy Resources Technology
  • Renewable Energy
Conference Chairs
  • Enrico Sciubba, Niccolò Cusano U., Roma, Italy
  • Yoshiharu Amano, Waseda University, Japan
  • Brian Elmegaard, T.U. Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
Scientific Committee

  • Yoshiharu Amano, Japan

  • Ozer Arnas, USA

  • Ofira Ayalon, Israel

  • Edson Bazzo, Brasil

  • Jean-Pierre Bedecarrats, France

  • Asfaw Beyene, USA

  • Ana María Blanco Marigorta, Spain

  • Umberto Desideri, Italy

  • Brian Elmegaard, Denmark

  • Daniel Favrat, Switzerland

  • Michel Feidt, France

  • Christos Frangopoulos, Greece

  • Erwin Franquet, France

  • Richard A. Gaggioli, USA

  • Abel Hernandez-Guerrero, Mexico

  • Soteris Kalogirou, Cyprus

  • Sotirios Karellas, Greece

  • Zornitza Kirova-Yordanova, Bulgaria

  • Zygmund Kolenda, Poland

  • Andrea Lazzaretto, Italy

  • Noam Lior, USA

  • Henrik Lund, Denmark

  • Giampaolo Manfrida, Italy

  • François Maréchal, Switzerland

  • Tatiana Morosuk, Germany

  • Silvia Nebra, Brazil

  • Silvio de Oliveira Júnior, Brazil

  • Alojz Poredoš, Slovenia

  • Sylvain Quoilin, Belgium

  • Mauro Reini, Italy

  • Enrico Sciubba, Italy

  • Wojciech Stanek, Poland

  • Gordana Stefanović, Serbia

  • Vladimir Stevanović, Serbia

  • Pascal Stouffs, France

  • Lydia Stougie, Netherlands

  • José Carlos Teixeira, Portugal

  • Senhorinha Teixeira, Portugal

  • George Tsatsaronis, Germany

  • Antonio Valero Capilla, Spain

  • Vittorio Verda, Italy

  • Ryohei Yokoyama, Japan

  • Ron Zevenhoven, Finland

  • Na Zhang, China

  • Andrzej Ziebik, Poland