The encouraging developments of the pandemic situation in Italy and Europe have suggested we hold ECOS 2021 in a hybrid mode:
a) Attendance on-site will be permitted to participants upon presentation of a vaccination certificate (in original, signed and stamped by the responsible authorities) and/or a medical statement of immunity (either signed and stamped by an accredited physician in the Country of origin of the attendee or issued by an Italian Medical Authority). In either case, a fast COVID test will be administered prior to registration. All sessions will be held in accordance with the prescriptions of the Italian Authorities (minimal distance between attendees, sanitisation of the rooms, etc.);
b) All Colleagues who cannot or do not wish to attend in person will connect via internet (Skype or Zoom connections will be available). The “in-presence” session will be broadcasted live, while the “online” presentations will be displayed in real time on two- or three rooms specifically adapted for the scope;
c) The Plenary Sessions, including the Monday June 28 one with the introductory speeches by the Organizers and by Italian Authorities, will be broadcasted live. The same applies to the Keynote Speeches (June 29 and 30, July 1);
d) Committee meetings will take place in a hybrid mode as well: attendees in a sanitised room will interact with on-line Colleagues for the entire duration of the meeting;
e) Registration fees amount to 500€ for in-presence attendees, 100 € for online presenters, 250 for accompanying persons. Graduate students (including Doctoral candidates who have not yet defended their thesis) will pay a reduced fee of 250€ upon presentation of a valid student card;
f) The social program will follow the originally established schedule: 1 coffee break in the morning, lunch on the premises, 1 coffee break in the afternoon, social dinner (either on Tuesday, June 29 or Thursday, July 1 , the exact date, time and location to be announced later);
g) We shall publish shortly a preliminary program for the excursions and other possible extra-conference activities: please consider that last-minute changes are always possible depending on the evolution of the pandemics. There will be a dedicated desk for last-minute registration to the excursions;
h) The registration deadlines have been extended to allow perspective participants to select their preferred option. On-site registration will be also possible on Sunday June and Monday July .
Please check the website for the registration procedures, Conference program, Hotel reservations and Social Program: we shall continuously update it as long as the situation evolves. We shall do our best to ensure that ECOS 2021 will maintain the high standards of the Conference series without endangering the health of participants, technical staff and accompanying persons.

See you in Taormina!

The Organizers, Yoshiharu Amano, Brian Elmegaard, Enrico Sciubba

ECOS 2021, the 34th conference of the series, will be held in Taormina, Sicily (Italy) from june 27 through july 2, 2021. The purpose of the conference is for participants to present new research results and exchange views on theoretical and applied engineering topics related to performance, economics, and environmental impact of energy conversion systems. We cordially welcome you to Taormina, and expect that you will enjoy a rewarding and fruitful week at the conference while also getting a taste of the exceptional cultural and environmental scenario of eastern Sicily.

Advice: to all corresponding authors, please check that your submission is present in the “Information and Agenda” page. Please send us a message if you are experiencing any problem.

See you in Taormina, thank you for your participation.